Engineering Projects

Engineering Steps

Engineering is the application of science and technology to solving a problem. Engineers look for problems they want to solve or how to improve a process or physical design. Creating an invention is an example of an engineering a solution.

Follow the Engineering Steps below to complete your project.

Your chosen project:

Design Question
We have to wait too long for the bus. We’d rather wait inside where it’s more comfortable. How can we tell when the bus is approaching without having to wait at the stop?

Science Topic
Remote Sensing

  1. Ask

    As with investigations, the key to defining the project is by posing the right question. Students can ask themselves, “What bothers me?” “What have I heard other people complaining about?” Is it something that could be fixed or improved on. Find a local problem or something that needs to be improved.

  2. Imagine

    Brainstorm several ideas and consider many different solutions. Then, research your idea to find out what others know. This might include looking at other products or solutions that exist already.

  3. Plan

    Select one solution and make a plan! Design the solution and the method for testing to see if it works.

  4. Create

    Create a solution and explain why it should work. Build a prototype using a physical model or Computer-Aided-Design Software.

  5. Test

    Test the solution and collect data to be sure your solution made a change. Make sense of the data – how do you know it worked, or didn’t work? Did it solve the identified problem?

  6. Improve

    How could you improve your solution? Make revisions based on your test results and observations. Draw new designs to continue to improve your idea.

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