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Open students’ eyes to the mind-blowing interconnections that make their everyday lives possible through the power of supply chains. 

Know more, do more virtual field trip

The Know More, Do More Virtual Field Trip gives students a virtual passport to explore the Global Supply Chain from raw materials to everyday essentials. Along the way, students will meet an array of awesome real-world supply chain pros to learn how knowledge can be crafted into success and innovation.

Know More Do More VFT

Educator Guide

The companion Educator Guide provides interactive tools for bringing to life supply chains, exciting trade careers, and general knowhow that will empower students for a lifetime. Help students do more for themselves and their communities with a hands-on investigation into the Global Supply Chain.

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Kids Workshops

Kids Workshops provide a mix of skill-building, creativity, and safety for future DIYers every month in Home Depot stores across the country. After registering for the next Workshop, download these exclusive extension activities from Discovery Education. Each extension provides opportunities to reimagine or use their Workshop creation in an unexpected new way.